Ordained Encounters

I clicked on the email line with a very generic subject line from a name that I did not recognize.

You never know what a day will hold, or what will come across your desk in this age of interconnectedness. I certainly didn’t expect this. A man, claiming to be a television writer living in Los Angeles, wanted to interview me for a show he was thinking of pitching to the networks. It would be a story involving a young woman who is spiritual, but not religious, and circumstances lead her to fall for a Protestant minister. It was to be funny and a bit irreverent, but also realistic, and soulful, and emotionally resonant. As I read his request, immediately questions sprang up within me. Questions that I needed to have answered.

1. Is this real, or am I falling prey to a prank, spam, or a lunatic?

2. If it is real, do I want to participate in bolstering a show that represents the pastor’s life through the eyes of a comedic LA writer?

I quickly googled his name to find my answers to the first. Sure enough, he had written for Murphy Brown, Jeff Foxworthy, Accidentally on Purpose, and many more. His email was very well-crafted, warm and personal, and articulate.

I prayed about the second question. I began corresponding back and forth with this man (with my husband’s permission of course), inquiring as to his intentions and expressing my concerns. With each email, peace began to build and I grew confident that I was to talk to him about my life.

God had brought this “random” request my way for a reason. Of the thousands of pastor’s wives in the country, he contacted me out of the blue. Coincidence? I think not.

I finally gave him a call, and we talked for 45 minutes. He was very genuine, kind, and respectful. Before he even began the interview, I inquired, “What has been your experience with church and pastor’s wives.” None, was his reply…”I’m a Jew”.

With that groundwork laid, we continued the conversation.

What kind of shows do you watch?
How did you and your husband meet?
What made him want to go into the ministry?
Was it more that he wanted to teach theology or help people?
How did he know it was God that was calling him?
How did you feel about that?
What does he wear out in public? (He was surprised that Joel wore jeans to preach :)
Did he have any friends that were taken aback by his decision?
What is your role?
What do you think of my idea? Would you watch such a show?
Etc, etc, etc…

The conversation was easy and many myths were dispelled. More than that, I was able to share with him about my personal relationship with the Lord and why it is we do what we do. I am the only pastor’s wife that he has ever come in contact with.

I hope I represented us well.

He has no idea if the networks will take to the idea. I think he was going to pitch it this week. I guess only 3 or 4 out of every 50 show ideas go to production, so it’s a long shot. But being able to share a little of my life and faith with someone I would have never otherwise come across was such a privilege, and I believe ordained by God.

Thank you, Bill, for being interested. Thank you for the mutually respectful conversation. I wish you well on this project. I am praying for God to bless your life.

Thanks for reading,
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4 thoughts on “Ordained Encounters

  1. Joy, that is so exciting!! Even if it doesn't end up taking, how fun to think God had you in mind all along. I would pick you too!! 😉

  2. I have absolutely no doubt that you represented well dear friend. I'm so thankful that he picked you…of all the pastors I've known throughout the years, you guys are among the most authentic. If he is formulating characters based on his research, you have given him a wonderful picture of how pastors live out the heart of Christ!
    BTW, how did he find you? Your blog?

  3. Thank you for your encouragement, Stephanie. Wow, super sweet. I hope that each of our lives, as raw as they are, will somehow be used for the glory of God. Yes, he found me through the blog. Thanks for blessing me today!

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