Love List for My Man

Yesterday my husband preached from Philippians 2 regarding “Joy in Comrades”. Paul and Timothy. Paul and Epaphroditus. Partners in the gospel and loyal relationships pursuing growth in matters of faith. Joel asked us to consider who would be on our “Mt. Rushmore” of people who have helped define us spiritually. He said we couldn’t mention our spouses.
Too bad, my friend. Twenty valentines have come and gone and you, my sweetheart, are the most influential person in my life.
There is no one (outside my parents) who has developed me more in faith than my husband.
I love that we are partners in the gospel. He treats me as a valuable and vital part of the ministry. He esteems me. He believes in me. He listens to me. We do a lot of serving together.
I love that one of Joel’s goals in our marriage is to help me to become more like Christ. He takes that very seriously and does it well.
I love that he is a humble leader both in our home and in the church. He is not easily threatened. He does not lord power over anyone. He is able to make people feel loved and grants them freedom to try and fail. He forgives easily. His leadership influence is often subtle yet effective, but he is not afraid to lead.
I love the way he makes me laugh. All. the. time.
I love that how he is in front of a large audience is how he is in real life. He is a man of integrity.
I love how much fun he is at parties and gatherings. I know I will have a good time as long as he is there.
I love how he doesn’t take himself too seriously. I can’t really ever be mad at him because he is quick to say “I am sorry” and quick to make me smile.
I love how he is still driving a 1996 Toyota Corolla with a cracked windshield, broken locks, and no air conditioning. He is way too big for that small car, but he drives it with a great attitude and sense of humor.
I love how wonderful he is to our children. Our kids adore him and would rather be with him than anyone else in the world. They know they are loved by their dad.
I love that he is twice my size. He always makes me feel safe.
I love how friendly he is…on elevators…in coffee shops…at church…to complete strangers everywhere. He waves at everyone whether he knows them or not.
I love how wise he is. He is able to say just the right thing to give meaning or clarity to a situation, or to diffuse angry or hurt feelings.
I love how he loves me. I know that he would do anything for me, and he does. He is patient, and kind, and considerate…even after all of these year.
I love that he is faithful to Jesus Christ and to the church. He believes in them both and throws his energy into their pursuit.
I truly am so very blessed to be married to this man. I am humbled that at 15 years old, God would allow me fall in love with him and that, in turn, would lead me to a deeper love of Himself.
I love you, Joel Dombrow! Happy Valentine’s Day!
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